Gold prices in the bahrain (list of prices) 24 karat, 22 karat, 21 karat, 18 karat and 14 karat


Gold prices rose in the morning trading today, in the State of Bahrain, affected by the trading of gold on the international stock exchange, where the highest price of gold until the time of writing this report reached $60.05 per ounce.

The movement of buying and selling gold in Bahrain increased, affected by the global stock market.

The gold price today in Bahrain
The price of a gram of 24 karat gold in the gold markets was about 22.64 dinars ($ 60.05).

The price of a gram of 21 karat gold in the Bahraini market was 19.81 dinars ($ 52.55).

As for the price of a gram of 18 karat gold, it recorded 16.98 dinars ($ 45.04).

A gram of 14 karat gold costs 13.21 dinars ($35.03).

In that economic regard, the average price of an ounce of gold today in Bahrain, during today’s trading, rose to about 704.08 dinars (1868 dollars).

On the other hand, the average price of the gold pound today in Bahrain was about 158.48 dinars ($420.39).

At the global level, gold prices rose during today’s trading session, with a slight decline in the dollar, amid continuing concerns about economic growth, and anticipation of the release of US data.

On monetary policy in the United States of America, the Federal Reserve Chair in Kansas City, “Esther George”, revealed that she expects to raise interest rates to 2% by August.

The yellow metal futures contract increased by about 0.36%, or $6.6, to $1860.5 an ounce, and the spot delivery price rose by 0.18% at $1856.92.

Also, the silver futures contract for July delivery rose 0.33% to $21.80 an ounce, the spot price for platinum delivery settled at $960.67, and the price of palladium rose by 0.42% at $2001.50.

The US dollar index, which measures the performance of the US currency against a basket of six currencies – decreased slightly by 0.1% to 101.99 points.

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