Oman Airlines launches an important decision and announces good news for all citizens and expatriate workers


A new and unprecedented step, Oman Airlines announced this morning an important decision and good news for all citizens and expatriate workers, as it was officially revealed the cancellation of all and all commissions paid to all travel agencies, in exchange for issuing tickets for all domestic flights, for all those who buy Tickets through the Internet, the Internet and ATMs, which will help end many violations of ticket issuance and the negative effects of all reservations and availability to all travelers.

In a related context, according to that and as of today’s date, the issuance of tickets through electronic means will be free of charge. As for the issuance of local tickets through travel agencies and Oman Airlines offices, this will be done for a lump sum service fee of (15) riyals.

On the one hand, Oman Airlines showed in his statements to Ali that these procedures are in line with what is in place by the current local operators and other airlines operating in the domestic sector.

On the other hand, Oman Airlines has indicated
However, all international companies are moving towards restructuring all means of sales and diversifying their outlets by expanding the provision of self-services and electronic services, in order to facilitate and multiply those outlets so that they are within the reach of the traveler and on the widest scale.

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