The UAE government issues decisions to make citizens, residents, expatriate workers, expatriates and foreigners happy


The UAE has issued a new unified form for foreigners, including the issuance and renewal of residency and identity services in a single application, instead of the previous individual application.

In addition, the Department of Identity, Nationality, Customs and Port Security in the UAE has announced that it will suspend the issuance of residence vouchers to foreigners residing in the country as of today.

According to the Emirates News Agency, this decision includes the development of services provided to enhance the welfare of customers and the exchange of Emirati identities issued to foreigners residing in the country instead of proof of residence. hit”.

The authorities explained that the cancellation decision embodies the vision of the UAE in providing high-tech services at a global level.

The authorities said that the authorities’ smart applications provide the ability to receive electronic copies of ID cards to support the flexibility of use on demand.

The authorities stated that all new generation Emirates ID cards issued to foreigners residing in the country are included in the residency voucher which adds value to the use of ID cards to prove the identity of the individual, and confirmed the inclusion of details.

Lieutenant-General Saeed Rakan Al-Rashidi, Deputy Prime Minister for Housing and Foreign Affairs Ali said that the entry into force will stop the service of receiving and handing over residents’ passports previously allocated for labeling, allowing for a complete smart transformation of residency and customer improvement services. Quality flexibility for happiness and the process of publishing and updating.

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