South Africa announces good news and issues an important statement to all citizens, residents and expats


This morning, South Africa announced plans to launch a new national airline for South African Airways as part of the national transport and distribution strategy announced by the South African government.

In a statement, the South African News Agency said that the new strategy aims to increase the number of international destinations in South Africa to more than 250 destinations, as well as launch a second national airline, which ranks fifth in the world. Achieving its goals in air traffic and national tourism.

The strategy seeks to double the air cargo capacity to more than 4.5 million tons.

A statement issued by the South African News Agency quoted the South African head of state as saying that the new strategy aims to “increase the current contribution of the transport and logistics sector to the national GDP by increasing the transport and logistics sector. About 6% to -10% – growth business and investment. Expansion and enable the growth of annual non-oil revenues, and by 2030 the sector will reach about 45 billion riyals.

The state-owned South African Airways is currently the national carrier and the largest airline in South Africa, having been established in 1945 and making today’s South African International Airport its main hub.

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